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    Information about the Ronan Parke Fan Club and are unofficial websites that brings you the latest news, videos, photos and other Ronan Parke related stuff. has opened its doors in 2012. Since than we have been trying to promote Ronan Parke by re-posting his images from social media accounts, collect all his videos and music and list the events he is attending.

    At the end of 2015 A new website with more options than we could dream of has been released to support Ronan Parke..
    Now the website is an unofficial fan club for Ronan Parke where fans can take part of the Ronanators community by chatting and posting videos and photos on their own timeline on the website.

    Next to the unofficial fan club there is a photo section download section, video section, music section, event section and a news section that covers everything involved Ronan Parke.

    We hope that the website will support Ronan Parke in any way possible and that the fans are happy with it to browse and interact with each other.

    Our guidelines:

    • 1. We do not pretend we are connected with the official Ronan Parke accounts in any way
    • 2. When re-posting official images we add the official account to it in the description.
    • 3. We do not try to sell anything that has Ronan Parke`s image, logo or name without written permission from Ronan Parke and/or his management
    • 4. When we use pictures or videos from other pages we mention that page when re-post.
    • 5. We do not use the word official in any way on our pages.
    • 6. We don`t react on bad comments. We just remove them.
    • 7. When we copy interviews from the internet we list the source in our post and link to the original.
    • 8. When you feel that something on our pages does not belong there contact us and we will remove it when you have a valid reason.
    • 9. We believe that Ronan Parke has a Right to Privacy. With that in mind we will not just re-post anything Ronan posts on his social media accounts.
    • 10.Respect is a huge thing for us. When we see someone disrespect Ronan or one of his fans they will be blocked without a warning.


    Maintaining the website and social media pages: ronanparkefanclub and are non-profit websites. The owner and administrators do not earn any commission from the website and pages. All scripts, apps, hosting and photo rights are bought by the owner when possible.

    The future of and We aim to support Ronan Parke the best way we can. Meaning that our way of supporting Ronan Parke can be changed anytime.

    Collaboration: works behind the scenes together with other fan pages to promote Ronan Parke even better. When you have a fan page about Ronan Parke and want to collaborate with RPF you need to meet our guidelines before we even will think about it. There are pages out there that in our eyes do not exist to support Ronan Parke but to gain own fame and even profit with the name Ronan Parke. These kinds of pages will never get any help from RPF

    Roy - RPF Administrator

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 and there owners can not be held responsible for canceled events or wrong information posted on the website.
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